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It’s the little things in life… September 11, 2006

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I visited a local church that my parents attend last Fathers’ Day. It wasn’t my first time going to that church, but I didn’t recognize anyone…and no one knew who my husband and I were. Nonetheless, they treated us as visitors, which was kind of nice! The highlight was that they gave us a brown box with their logo and contact info on it (the box isn’t the good part). There was a candle inside!

Now, being the communications person at my own church, a light bulb suddenly flashed. It was one of those “a-ha!” moments that so many of us have (unfortunately some more than others…*cough* me *cough*). How come our church isn’t giving away something nice like this to our first time guests? Do we not appreciate them waking up on a Sunday morning and coming to our church instead of sleeping? Of course we do!

So, I talked to my good friends and old co-workers at Hands On Originals, and they hooked us up with packs of gum to give away. Not as nice as the candles…but I think they still serve the same purpose.


Gum, candles, pens, Cappucino’s…they all add to the “experience” of your church. What are you doing to enhance the experience at your church?

By the way, it’s not all about the product.


One Response to “It’s the little things in life…”

  1. Kevin Says:

    hey Jenn, welcome to blogging!

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