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What is branding? September 20, 2006

Filed under: Branding — jenncollins @ 10:13 pm

I asked myself this question in March ’06. It was explained to me kind of like this:

“You know, like when you see the McDonald’s arch, you know it’s McDonald’s without having to read ‘McDonald’s’.”

Although that is a good definition, I think branding goes deeper than that. I think it’s about consistency. If you have a certain “look” that you are going for, you should try to represent that look in everything that your audience will see. For example, I am working on a project right now that has it’s own logo and look. Every piece that is going to print looks the same…it’s all very consistent. I am trying to brand this event we are doing. I’m getting a banner, stickers, t-shirts…the works. It all looks uniform.

Now, that alone won’t “brand” the event, but it’s a step in the right direction. I am still trying to figure it all out. I didn’t take any classes in marketing or branding, so my knowledge is limited. I am learning as I go! However, my awareness of branding has significantly gone up since March..:)

Any comments, thoughts, advice are welcome…


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