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Beach advertising February 15, 2007

Filed under: Marketing — jenncollins @ 8:01 pm

OK….this is amazing. Like, really amazing.



You can advertise in the sand! How cool would that be? The only drawback (and kind of a big one) is that once people get there and start walking on the sand…your beautiful logo is gone. I still think it’s a cool idea. You’re not only advertising your company/church/whatever, but you’re telling people not to litter. Advertising for a good cause! Go here for more info and pics.

*edit: I emailed the people at Beach’n Billboard and asked if they did this in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Here’s our correspondence:

–I’m located in Pembroke Pines, FL. Do you guys do this in Miami or Fort Lauderdale? This is something we would think about doing. I love the idea!

–Hi Jenn, Thank you for your words of support! Unfortunately we’re only available at this time in NJ. Can we interest you in a NJ beach for this summer?
Thanks for replying! Unfortunately, advertising in NJ would do nothing for us! We’re a local church in the Fort Lauderdale area. You should really think about coming to Miami…I think a lot of companies would do this sort of thing!

We tried, miles of red tape with the municipalities. Too much bureaucracy…Pray for us please! :o)

Haha, I loved the “pray for us” plug. That is a shame. Maybe one day we can be cool like NJ.


One Response to “Beach advertising”

  1. 1onlyono Says:

    I like the concept. I’m a print broker moving to
    Orange Beach in a couple of months. Will think
    hard about this idea.

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