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Copyright stuff March 29, 2007

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I’ve had a few instances this week where someone has told me that I’ve committed copyright infringment. Those words really cause shivers to run up & down my spine. What does that even mean? What will they do to me? Send a letter? Slap me on the wrist? Sue me? I DON’T KNOW!

So much has been said and argued over about where the church stands in the battle of copyright issues. I just don’t know that much about it to have an opinion. Where’s the line? I like to push the limits, so how far is too far? Some people say it’s only copyright infringement if you make money off of someone else’s idea, product, image, etc. I’m just not sure, to be honest.

I feel like I need to read up on this stuff just to cover ourselves. I feel like it really is a shady issue. Does anyone really know what the rules are for a non-profit? Help a sister out! 🙂


Random iPod shuffle! March 12, 2007

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I like this game way too much! Here goes…

1. “The Prayer” – Josh Groban & Charlotte Church
2. “Is It Any Wonder?” – Keane
3. “Over My Head” – The Fray
4. “Nobody Loves Me” – Derek Webb
5. “Where Does the Good Go” – Tegan and Sara
6. “You Don’t Know Me” – Michael Buble
7. “Bold As Love” – John Mayer
8. “Tears of the Saints” – Leeland
9. “Everlasting God” – Passion 07 Band
10. “Clocks” – Coldplay


Make your own Starbuck’s! March 9, 2007

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Starbuck’s is so innovative. One of the many reasons I love the company. You can make your own Starbuck’s desktop background that displays your favorite drink. Go here to make your own! I couldn’t figure out how to post mine…!


Oh Victory in Jesus… March 7, 2007

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I sang that song today along with “How Great Thou Art”, two of Dr. Morgan’s favorite hymns. I didn’t know Dr. Morgan, but I feel like I met him for the first time today. He was a great man, full of integrity and life. He impacted so many people in his 94 years, even me today, 4 days after his death.

Hearing about his life challenged me to be better. It challenged me to step up to my responsibilities. Face my fears. Get out of my comfort zone. Stop being apathetic.

Thank you, Dr. Morgan for living a blameless life. Enjoy heaven, I can’t wait to meet you someday, in person.