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What happened to my resolutions? April 23, 2007

Filed under: Life — jenncollins @ 8:25 am

Back in January (I can’t believe it’s already April!), I posted some Resolutions that I wanted to keep this year. Let’s check up on those, shall we?

  • Play tennis. Yeah…that didn’t happen. January got crazy with our church kicking off 7NOW and us having to be out quite a bit during the week.
  • Join First Place. I did join. I lost 11 pounds! The session ended in March and the new session starts tonight. I hope to lose 11 more pounds this time. No, I’m not giving my before and after weight…not yet at least!
  • Stop old habits. The eating habit did stop. My bad spiritual habits stopped for a while and then returned. I stopped waking up 30 mins before I had to because I got lazy. I need to start that again…

So, there ya go. Wow, that was actually kind of challenging. I need to step it up. I met one goal at least! The year’s not over yet!


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