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I need a tutor… April 26, 2007

Filed under: Church,Fun stuff,Graphic design — jenncollins @ 3:14 pm

…for Photoshop. Out of the whole Adobe CS2, I only use InDesign. Why? Well, I was trained on Quark XPress in college and my major was journalism with a concentration in print, not graphic design. InDesign is very much like Quark, but oh so much better!

So, I have issues because I don’t have a graphic designer. Well, I did, but he decided to sell me out and go to another church! (you know I still love ya!) So it’s just me and Joel trying to do this thing we call Church Marketing.

Joel’s been trying to tell me I need to do some online tutorials. I finally gave in and did some today. Check em out! You can tell me if they suck…it’s OK.




3 Responses to “I need a tutor…”

  1. klampert Says:

    nice work there. I love photoshop…so have fun.

    Nice blog also. first time here. god bless

  2. For just having taken some tutorials on using PS you have turned out superb work. Keep it up!

  3. James Waltz Says:

    Hello, I love your kids world image. I am working with my church to create a website and coming up with nice graphics has been a chore. You have done well on this one… Very Well.


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