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God things April 30, 2007

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I had a couple of ‘God thing’ moments this weekend. Some really cool stuff has happened in my life lately and I really wanted to share what’s been going on!

First, we had a women’s event here at the church on Saturday. It was an event to honor our Mothers. I was asked to lead worship with Angela and also sing a special song. It took me weeks to figure what song I was going to sing. It was going to be “Legacy” by Nichole Nordeman, but I wasn’t feeling it. Then, I had it. I was going to sing “I Need You To Love Me” by Barlow Girl. I’ve been wanting to sing that song for a while…here was my chance.

The morning of the event…I was in the shower around 6:30 when it dawned on me. Our youth group was leading worship this weekend and one of the girls in the group was singing “I Need You To Love Me”!  This was her first solo in the church and I definitely didn’t want to steal her thunder. So, I’m thinking “crap…what am I going to sing…the event is TODAY!”

Earlier in the week, I had watched American Idol…where I posted my reactions here. I was so moved by the music…especially the amazing duet between Celine Dion and Elvis Presley. That was pretty awesome. But the one song that stuck out to me was “I’ll Stand By You”, which Carrie Underwood had sung that night on Idol. I had downloaded it the next day on iTunes and was listening to it all week. Little did I know that I would be singing it at the women’s event that morning.

God laid that song on my heart while I was in the shower. Immediately, I thought “no way…it’s too short notice..I barely know the words and I can’t change my song!” Then I remembered sweet Kasey who would be singing the other song all weekend. So I pretty much said, “God if you want me to sing ‘I’ll Stand By You’, make it really easy to play on the guitar or find a track.” After the shower, I went to my computer and looked up the guitar chords.


I don’t know Bm. How can I not know that chord?? Well, I didn’t and I couldn’t figure it out in time. So, I went on iTunes and searched for “I’ll Stand By You”. There it was. The karaoke version of the song by “The Pretenders”. Right away I thought it would be cheesy, but it really wasn’t. I downloaded it, put on my iPod, finished getting ready and we were out the door.

The whole car ride consisted of me practicing the Carrie Underwood version with the words and then singing it by myself from the karaoke track. Joel and my Mom said no words….except I think I heard my Mom singing along from the backseat a couple of times!

When it was finally time for me to go up and sing my song, it was the absolute perfect moment for that particular song. It was at that moment that it hit me how much God was working in just the few minutes that I had been awake while I was in the shower.

Before it was my time to sing, four women had just shared stories about either being a Mom, Grandma or daughter. It was all very moving and mostly everyone was crying. How am I supposed to follow that?! So, I get up there and share the story of how I had a completely different song planned and how God had orchestrated this moment. Then, I did something stupid.

I dedicated the song to my Mom in the front row and almost lost it. But, I regained my composure and sang the song.

About halfway into the song…everyone was wiping their tears and listening. All of a sudden a couple of the ladies directly in front of me started to stand up. Immediately I thought..”are they leaving? Am I that bad?” Then I see them motioning for other people to stand. Before I knew it the whole auditorium was standing, holding hands, and singing “I’ll Stand By You” with me. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life.

I kept thinking, “I am so glad that I listened to God this morning!” Wow. Then I realized how often I don’t listen to Him. I’m so glad I listened.

That’s it for now…I will probably post some more amazing things happening later in the week.


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