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Invite me to church May 1, 2007

Filed under: Church,Marketing — jenncollins @ 3:30 pm

Cory Miller over at blogged about a campaign happening around where he lives called I clicked on the link to their website. It’s a very simple site…just put your zip code in and you can find a church within the radius of where you live.

Well, I put the zip code where my husband and I live and a Google search came up and showed me the “churches” in my area code. The first was a Jewish Temple. The second was a Mormon church and the third was a drive-thru wedding chapel that is in the same plaza as the Publix that I shop at. Yes, a drive-thru wedding chapel. How romantic. It’s been there since high school…I’ve always wanted to drive-thru and see what happens.

Then I put in the area code of our church next and these were the top three: an evangelical church, a Jehovah’s Witness temple and a Catholic church. Our church? Way down the list…and not even our website…a yellow pages site just giving our church name, address, etc.

I’m not sure about this campaign. I’m not sure I would send people to that website.

You see, when you put your zip code in, it immediately does a search in Google for “church your zip” and any place of worship will show up in the search results. I appreciate the sentiment of this site and what they are trying to do, but I’m just not sure it’s working the way it was intended. Am I being too cynical?



One Response to “Invite me to church”

  1. Hi. Great blog you have here! I went to the site you mentioned and put in my zip code here in Houston. I got a Buddhist temple, a petroleum company, and a small business consulting firm as the first set of recommendations. Nice. The idea they have is sound but the execution is almost achieving the exact opposite of what is intended.

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