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What I’ve been thinking about… May 31, 2007

Filed under: Life — jenncollins @ 9:38 am
  • Anyone else have weird dreams? The past two nights I’ve dreamt that two people very close to me have died. Consequently, the dreams have made me kind of depressed…it sucks. I know it’s not real, but in my dream, I’ve already mourned and everything. It’s awful.
  • I just got the new Maroon 5 album. I wouldn’t say “wow it’s amazing!” It’s good, but nothing to scream about.
  • I’ve pretty much filled up my 1 gigabyte iPod that I won last year at ministryCOM. I want to buy a newer, bigger (30 gig) one, but I can’t justify it yet.
  • Even though it’s been a short week, I feel like it’s gone by slower than a normal week.
  • I really need to drink more water.
  • A pastor talking about losing weight?? I think it’s really interesting and I totally agree with him. God does care about the way we look and our issues with weight.
  • I have a pink laptop bag and I make my husband carry it because it’s too heavy for me. Is that mean? 😉
  • I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. Another recipe to the rescue!
  • I activated Facebook mobile last month and racked up $40 worth of text messaging charges. I no longer have Facebook mobile.

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