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What book are you reading? June 7, 2007

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This one, to be exact. But I only got to chapter 8 when I realized it was 10:45 and Barnes & Noble would be closing soon. I haven’t done that in a while; go to Barnes and Noble alone, just to read a random book. Not for about two years since college. But, my husband wanted to watch the NBA finals, which I could care less about (except last year when the Heat were in and won…GO HEAT!). So, since I hate sports and really didn’t want to hear it in the background of whatever I could find to do, I decided to leave and go to B&N.

I walked around….browsing. Then, I found a book in the fiction section that looked pretty interesting. Contrary to most people, I do judge a book by it’s cover. That’s right, I’m that lame. If a book looks attractive on the outside, I will most likely take a second look at it before I will look at the author. It was a baby blue book with an image of baby shoes with the title “Baby Proof”. I was intrigued (NOT because of the reasons some of you are thinking…it is a FICTION book!) I read the blurb on the back. Sounded pretty good. I read the first two pages and it pretty much hooked me, so I picked it up and went to the Starbuck’s counter to get a frappucino.

I found a table near the front of the store so I could people-watch. The book was good. Not very deep, but I kept reading. Not long after, I took out my iPod and drowned out the b&n music to be in my own world.

Not long after that, a man (who I didn’t even know was sitting there) said, “Excuse me?” Thinking he just wanted to ask a simple question like what time it was, I took out one of the ear buds and said, “yeah?”

“What book are you reading?”

Oh crap. This isn’t happening. “Baby Proof”


Yes, that’s right, I’m in high school. “No, BABY PROOF”

“Oh. Ok.”

Me looking down…trying to figure out how to get out of this.

“I noticed you got to a break in the book”

I look down at the page and see that I had just started a new chapter. This guy has been planning this and watching me. Ew. “Yeah”.

“So, are you a student?”

“No, but I used to be”

“What happened?”

This isn’t happening…“I graduated”

“Oh. So, can you listen to that thing (my iPod) and read at the same time”

Is that hard? “Yeah”

“Oh, I find that distracting”

Averting eyes, looking down…didn’t he look at my left ring finger before even attempting to speak to me?

“So are you from here?”


“Do you work?”

“Yeah… um, I’m gonna get back to my book now”

Put earbuds back in quickly…go back to reading.

Oh my goodness…it was so hilarious. You know when you have those out-of-body moments when you feel like you’re watching something happening to you instead of experiencing it yourself? That’s how it was. This never happens to me…mainly because my husband is always with me. I have to say, it was flattering, but really creeped me out. The rest of the time, he stayed where he was…reading. When he finally left, I started getting paranoid that he was still watching me somewhere in the store and would follow me out to my car when I decided to leave. Luckily, I got to my car and home safe.

In any case, “thanks” 30-years-or-older creepy guy from b&n for the compliment of embarassing yourself to hit on me.  Sorry I had to turn you down…better luck next time…and hopefully better questions on your next try to someone else.


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