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Charlie Hall Concert recap August 9, 2007

Filed under: Church,Music,Worship — jenncollins @ 1:15 pm

Wow, the concert was amazing. Charlie and the band did a great job. I, along with two of my friends were his “merch” girls. He even gave us free t-shirts! What a great guy. He was selling his CDs on a donation basis meaning: if you have $12, great. If you have less, that’s fine. If you have more, even better! I had one person give me $3 for a CD. Another gave $40 for a CD. He said he’s been doing this for years and has never ended the night in the negative!

Shauna Niequist was also wonderful. I got to hang out with her the whole day, along with our creative team. We went to South Beach, saw Britto’s gallery (AMAZING, by the way!) and ate lunch at the Delano! It was so much fun. She challenged us and inspired us and it was great to just hang out and ask her poignant questions about her job, her new book and her life! Thanks again Shauna!

Check out our website for pictures! Thanks and many accolades go to Miss Beca Companioni (15 years old!!) for taking such awesome pics of the concert!


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