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A Word on Customer Service August 23, 2007

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Pictures of yesterday at American Idol are coming…I promise!

Today I went to lunch at Chick-fil-A with Joel. As always, it was a wonderful experience. They always know to make the customer happy. They are great at what they do. Not only do they make incredible chicken sandwiches and killer waffle fries, they have mastered the art of customer service. There is a man in the store we go to where his only job (it seems like his only job, but it’s probably not) is to walk around the store, take people’s trays and refill their drinks! That is completely unnecessary, but so nice! He even responds to “thank you” by saying “my pleasure“. I love that.

Another great fast food experience is at Panda Express (the free-standing ones, not the ones in the mall). They are very well-spoken and polite. Some of them even greet you in Chinese! How refreshing to get customer service from people who want to be there and like their jobs. I know people can be obnoxious and it’s easier to retaliate than kill them with kindness; I’ve worked in the food industry and retail, I know how it is. But it’s so great when companies train their employees to be different.

Same goes for Starbucks, but we all knew that!

We can definitely apply this to the church. By just changing our attitudes, we can make someone else’s church-going experience a better one!


2 Responses to “A Word on Customer Service”

  1. […] They are very well-spoken and polite. Some of them even greet you in Chinese!… source: A Word on Customer Service, Life in the Real […]

  2. walyou Says:

    Hey Jenn,

    I see you read Seth Godin too ;).
    I agree with you, companies should realize that what’s good for us is good for them.
    Check out my blog, it’s my contribution to better customer experiences.

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