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$5 for a baby September 3, 2007

Filed under: Family,Fun stuff — jenncollins @ 8:50 am

I’ve said this before: a lot of our friends and family are having babies! A couple months back, Joel and I decided that it would be smart to make a “baby savings” account with our bank. This way, when we do decide to start a family, we’ll have some money to start with.

I just looked at our bank accounts and guess how much money we’ve saved so far?


That’s a great down payment for a….rattle? Maybe a blanket? 🙂 Poor kid…


2 Responses to “$5 for a baby”

  1. emily hughes Says:

    Ha! What a great blog! What a great idea… a savings account for downpayments on baby items… you are on your way to one great blanket … or rattle!

  2. Amber Cox Says:

    Haha. That is rreally funny. I laughed out loud. Haha

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