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Bad customer service September 7, 2007

Filed under: Church,Customer service — jenncollins @ 3:03 pm

Today has been a bad day. Two of our vendors have messed me up.

How do you keep your cool on the phone with these people and still say that you’re with a church? Just because I’m from a church doesn’t mean I can’t speak up for myself or get what I’ve paid for already! I haven’t raised my voice, but I’ve tried to be firm, but still “sweet” even though the absolute LAST thing I want to do is be sweet. I’m actually very mad. But if I show through words how mad I am and they know I’m from a church, what happens then? How hard is it to pick up the phone and call me to let me know that my orders aren’t ready?!

OK, I’m stopping now…this has been more of a venting release for me than anything.



One Response to “Bad customer service”

  1. ljnd Says:

    You might also want to spread the word on, a website for reviews of products and stores that you really like (or really hate). It’s at, and it’s very easy and rather cathartic.

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