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Style guide September 10, 2007

Filed under: Church,Communications — jenncollins @ 1:09 pm

It was way past due for me to make one of these for our staff. I’m so glad it’s finally done. It’s basically a booklet of guidelines and rules to remember when doing anything that the church will see. It includes uses of the logo, colors, spelling, grammar and more. Huge props to Natalie for laying it out for me 🙂

If you are a communications person in the church, I hope you will find this helpful. I was inspired by Zondervan’s new branding strategy and Kem Meyer at Granger Community Church. In fact, most of the stuff was taken directly from their style guide…no shame…it was good stuff! Let me know what you guys think! Click on the link below.



2 Responses to “Style guide”

  1. Kevin Says:


    I just appreciate this so much. It answers questions people don’t have time to ask and gives us a quick way to hold up some basic standards. The funny thing is that we made do for 6 years with a low resolution .jpg log image that was used for EVERYTHING. I like the fact that it is a guide, that it is simple, to the point, and that most people can use it to identify problems even if they can’t enact a solution. The key is that they are empowered to find you for help.

    Thanks for spearheading this.

  2. cruisenow Says:

    Hey Jenn,

    I know Australia is one of your goals….You probably do not have the $ right now for this deal…although it is an unbeatable deal to Australia and New Zealand. Check out my Blog for the details!


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