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My ‘fresh’ delivery today October 16, 2007

/random-006-1.jpg /random-007-1.jpg

I was surprised when, after a long day of meetings, I went back to my office and found a box on my desk. The box had “fresh produce” stamped on the side. I was confused. Then I remembered that Shauna said she was going to send me her book! When I opened it up, the above pictures are what I found. How creative is that?! Now I’m not gonna lie…the tangerines don’t look too edible, but just the fact that when I opened the box, I immediately smelled citrus was so cool. What a refreshing idea. The tangerines have stickers on them. There is an air freshener for your car with the book information on it. I love the whole thing.

Thanks again Shauna!! 🙂

Go get the book…I’m reading it tonight.

p.s. that’s my couch, handed down to me from my grandma (i’m not a country blue person)…i’m thinking of buying a new one at the brand spanking new Ikea 🙂


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