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Church in a sex club December 10, 2007

Filed under: Church,Random — jenncollins @ 7:11 pm

That title may be shocking to some of you, but one of the locations of our church meets in a former sex club. Pretty crazy right? The church is in a pretty bleak part of town (or as one of my friends calls it, an “armpit”). The church is across the street from a well known “crack alley”. Prostitutes are known to walk the streets at night. It can be a very dark place. Whenever I get to visit that campus, I pray all the way from my car to the doors and then when I leave I pray from the doors to my car. I clutch my purse a little tighter. I double check that my car doors are locked. I walk a little faster.

I heard a disturbing story this week about an incident that happened at the church late at night. I don’t want to share too many details, but let’s just say there was some shady stuff going on! I heard the story Sunday morning and, after laughing for a little bit, I said out loud, “we need to get out of there” (meaning, that neighborhood).

It didn’t occur to me until today (Monday) that I shouldn’t have said that. THAT IS EXACTLY WHERE WE SHOULD BE! God has put us there. We’ve been there for 4 years now. Why should we leave? The area needs Jesus! I just realized how bad that must’ve sounded when I said it. Yes it is a bad neighborhood and possibly very dangerous but God has us there for a reason. These are the people Jesus hung out with and cared for. Thank God we are there!


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