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In the spirit of New Years’… January 7, 2008

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Here are some goals/resolutions that I made for 2007. Below is how I did on my 2007 goals and some more for 2008.

2008 Check-up on last year’s goals:

1. We stopped playing tennis…lol. It was a combination of no time and laziness.

2. I joined First Place last year and did two sessions. I lost around 12 pounds. Even though I didn’t join back I have kept the weight off (meaning I didn’t gain it all back…PTL) but I still want to lose about 15-20 more.

3. I am watching what I eat. Of course there’s always fluctuation…I am an emotional eater. Some days I was good, some days I was really bad! Spiritually I was on and off…that is one discipline that always gets me. It’s so hard for me to carve out the time and I hate it about myself.

2008 Goals:

1. Spinning with my Mom. She started last year and did really well. She hasn’t done it in a while though and we’re both committing to do it together.

2. Continuing to eat healthier and shed some more pounds.

3. Possibly have a child in 2008? Anything is possible!!

4. Get myself out of bed in the morning to spend time with my Creator!

5. Keep up with the laundry/cleaning better.

6. Get into accountability with a peer.

7. Ask an old(er) “seasoned” woman to be my mentor.

8. Paint, design and reorganize our second bedroom that has become more of a storage room than anything.

9. Serve my husband more.

10. Overcome some sin in my life as well as my control freak tendencies.

So there you have it. 2007 was a great year. We did lots of cool things like visit family in Kentucky and Alabama, we got to see the Dry Tortugas and spend some time in Key West, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary, we celebrated 1 year of being homeowners, I met Charlie Hall and Shauna Niequist (read her book…it’s amazing!), I turned 24, I tried out for American Idol, I almost lost a family member but God has been gracious to keep her with us even longer, and much more. I love new beginnings and I’m ready to face the challenges head-on!


3 Responses to “In the spirit of New Years’…”

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  2. emily Says:

    For the record, I think that you should go for a child in 2008. You and Joel will be wonderful parents. No doubt about it!

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