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Accountability January 17, 2008

Filed under: Accountability — jenncollins @ 10:16 pm

In my post about New Years’ resolutions…one of mine was to get into accountability with someone.

Well, that is one resolution I’ve kept so far in the 2 weeks of the New Year. I have this awesome friend named Sarah who just moved here from out of town and I really believe that God put both of us in each other’s lives for this very reason. We met for the 2nd time tonight and it is just awesome and challenging and I kind of feel like I’ve been punched in the stomach. What a necessity for the Christian life! I’ve always known this and I have tried to pursue it before but it never worked out either for me or for the other person. I know this is going to stick because we both need each other so badly.

So, are you in accountability with someone? If not, you need to be…you are missing out!


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