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“Counseling makes me sick!” January 17, 2008

Filed under: Church,Fun stuff,Random — jenncollins @ 11:54 am

james.jpgWe’re all laughing here at the office because one of our Pastors, James Brown was counseling someone this morning and had to run out of his office quickly to the bathroom because he realized he was about to be “sick” all over this poor woman!! He had said he was feeling kind of achy and felt like he had a migraine earlier this morning.

Luckily he made it but had to end the session early and he barely made it to the bathroom again! I’m sure the woman was ready to get outta here!

We’re all telling him to go home…we don’t need those germs around. He claims he feels better now and his joke now is “Boy, I don’t know about you, but counseling makes me sick!” (For those who don’t know James, he is the biggest practical joker I have ever met…he rarely has a serious conversation!)


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