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I’m losing my edge February 20, 2008

Filed under: Family,Food,Food Network,Fun stuff — jenncollins @ 10:55 pm

**EDIT: Joel has since apologized for what he said about my lasagna!! 🙂 

If you know me, you know I love to cook and I LOVE to watch the Food Network. Cooking relaxes me and I enjoy seeing how ingredients come together to make something taste fabulous. I’m always up for trying something new. In fact, I usually never make the same thing twice. I like to switch from thing to thing. I’m like this with clothes too. If I put a cool outfit together I can never usually remember what it was and then it’s gone forever.

That said, I think I’m losing my edge. The past two nights I have made dinners that have not satisfied my husband. For me, this is a big deal. I love hearing him say “Mmmmmmmmmmm” when he takes his first bite. I need the reassurance, what can I say? I even made lasagna tonight and I worked really hard on it and all I got was, “Eh, it was OK”. This has never happened!

I can tell the newlyweddedness (like my made up word?) is slipping away when he says stuff like that. *sigh*

I need some new recipes…anyone got some to give me? I’ll try anything once!

p.s. don’t you love how I put “usually” and “never” in the same sentence twice! there goes my college education 😉


2 Responses to “I’m losing my edge”

  1. Jen Says:

    Sorry, I have no recipes to share…but I wanted to say that finally, finally, finally, you decided to post again. I love that you went like two weeks with one post and then you did 4 in one day.

    I love singing with you too. Definitely my favorite. I thought we sounded good Sunday. If I can say that. If I can’t then I’ll say that you, Dante, Danelle, and Julius sounded good…

    Yah, I went back and forth about adding Syeshia (sp?) to my list. She was good but I thought she sounded like any other good singer. There wasn’t anything different or special about her. Except that she’s beautiful and I love her hair.

  2. Emily Says:

    I just think its wonderful that Joel would usually give feedback!
    So I have a great recipe for a “French Onion Beef Roast With Rice and Homestyle Green Beans”
    … a crowd pleaser! I got it from Apron’s. =)
    Here is the url:

    Yum Yum! Enjoy!

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