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I dropped my camera… February 28, 2008

Filed under: Random — jenncollins @ 9:55 am

So I dropped my camera at our all staff meeting earlier in the month when we went to Ikea. I need a new one. The one I had was decent but it was about 2 years old. It was one of those Kodak EasyShare cameras. I never used the “EasyShare” feature. Anyone want to recommend a good and relatively cheap digital camera? Nothin’ fancy…just something I can fit into a purse to carry around w/ me. Thanks!


4 Responses to “I dropped my camera…”

  1. Jen Says:

    Digital…what’s that?

  2. Laura Says:

    I have the Canon Power Shot SD400, but they have better ones now for cheaper. They are great little cameras. I think Carlos uses a version of this camera for all of his videos on his blog. I would highly recommend getting one!

    Here’s one at Amazon:

  3. erincourtney Says:

    DO NOT GET A KODAK. They are terrible. Their software sucks and takes on way too much space and the picture quality is so-so. Be glad you dropped yours. Anything Canon is good. I heard good things about the Powershot as well. Just don’t invest in another Kodak. Xoxo

  4. guy Says:

    Tonia has a really nice Poloroid!!!!! Cheap too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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