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The most popular name in the 80s March 5, 2008

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I was born in the early 80s (1983 to be exact) and apparently my Mom must not have been aware that every Mother of the 80s named their daughter Jennifer. It’s a shame they didn’t have internet back then. She could’ve easily found out that the number 1 most popular girl name in 1983 was Jennifer (my middle name is also on the list).

Growing up, I could never be just “Jennifer”. I had to be “Jennifer R” or “JR” and later, our next-door neighbors named me “Jenn”. Using Jenn is easier for me because it sets me apart from the other Jennifers who spell their name with one “n”. Or those others who ended up calling themselves Jenny or Jenna.

Can I get some agreement on this? I know some of the other names on that list can agree…Jessica, Melissa, Ashley, Amanda, Sarah, Stephanie…(I have at least one friend with every name on that list, by the way!).

I’ve always wanted a more “unique” name. Hopefully I can help my own kids out with that.

So, tell me. What’s your name? Do you share it with lots of people? Tell me your story.


6 Responses to “The most popular name in the 80s”

  1. guy Says:

    I feel your pain. My mom wanted mine to be different, but every male out there is “guy”. You know how many people call everyone hey Guy???????????? Im always responding !!!!!!! ugh!!
    I need to go have a HOGIE!!!!!!!!

  2. Jen Says:

    On my floor in my sophomore year of college, there were 6 Jennifers. And there were only 22 girls total. It was difficult to decipher to say the least.

  3. Kevin Says:


    2 thoughts:

    First, Jennifer is only the 2nd most popular name at Oasis Church. Lisa beat yours out. There are 34 active Lisa’s, but only 26 active Jennifers. Now, the Lisa’s had fewer options for distinguishing themselves. If all the Jennifers had left their names alone, we’d have 37 since there are about 11 more ladies with shortend versions of Jennifer.

    Second, we have some wonderfully underutilized girl names at Oasis Church you can start to consider for your daughters. Here are a few:


    While these are all real names of real people active in our church today, I trust adding one more person to the world with these names won’t wear out their new and unique quality.

  4. guy Says:

    You need more work!!! To much time on your hands!!!!

  5. jenncollins Says:

    lol wow kevin thanks for being so thorough! i can’t believe those are real names!!

  6. Ranelle Says:

    I have always HATED having an unusual name! Being self-conscious and not enjoying attention, it has always been extremely uncomfortable filling out registrations, or being introduced to people…or even ordering carry-out! I’ve always longed to have a name everyone recognized, so I wouldn’t be singled out and asked, “What did you say your name is?” or “How do you spell that?” I’ve always thought my name was weird and found it very embarassing. Whenever I order carry-out, I use my daughter’s name — Kristen!

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