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Miss Mary Mack April 30, 2008

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Have you all seen that commercial where the ladies are in the elevator and one of them is eating a 100 calorie snack and randomly breaks into “Miss Mary Mack”? I LOVE THIS COMMERCIAL! I know it’s lame but it brought me back to my childhood! I can’t tell you how many times I sang MMM with my friends in elementary school.

(I tried to find the commercial on youtube but I don’t think it’s on there.)

The first time I saw the commercial, Joel was watching it with me and after it was over I was freaking out about how I used to do that. Then I chanted the entire thing for him (no clapping because he wouldn’t have done it with me). It was so much fun. He looked at me like I was crazy but I didn’t care!

And that’s my story for today. Riveting, I know. 🙂


The Marathoner’s Wife April 29, 2008

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So my husband is pretty awesome. This past weekend we flew up to Louisville so Joel could run in a marathon with his Dad. Joel and his best friend Herald have been training since January for the race but in the last month or so had kind of lost momentum…it could be because I got pregnant and needed way more of his time…that could be it. 🙂

Nevertheless, having run 14 miles at the most, Joel, Herald and Joel’s Dad Chip ran the Kentucky Derby Marathon (all 26.2 miles of it) and all finished in under 5 hours! I am so proud of him! Below are his stats:


City, State, Country
1226 Collins, Joel M26 Davic, FL
Gun / Chip Overall Sex Div  10K   15K   25K   30K   Chip Time   Pace 
 4:59:00  /  4:57:49    989 /1207   630   74   1:05:11   1:38:16   2:45:31   3:20:24   4:57:49   11:22 

Oh the good ol’ days! April 24, 2008

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Check out this picture my old 8th grade Sunday School teacher sent me! Oh man…

From left to right: me, Donna (our SS teacher), Erin McInnes and Sherry Adlet!

Just had to share. 🙂


How are you feeling? April 22, 2008

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That is a question I am asked frequently nowadays! I feel bad saying “not so hot” or “I’ve been better”. But on a day like today when I’m feeling like myself, I love saying “I’m feeling great today!” I’ve appreciated everyone’s comments and encouragement in the last couple of days, it has meant so much to me! I’m still adjusting and as I adjust I know that I will be more confident.

So I am feeling good today. Sunday & Monday I was in bed. I finally talked my doctor’s office into letting me get an oral drug to ease the nausea. I have been trying EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING (don’t want to go in to too much detail!). I’ve sucked on preggie pops (which are great by the way but don’t help when you’re nauseous all day), I’ve been drinking ginger ale, I’m eating small snacks throughout the day…I’m doing everything they’ve told me to do. It just wasn’t working for me. So I’m hoping I don’t have to take this drug a lot (it’s a drug that they give cancer patients but it is safe for pregnant mothers too). I tried to do everything so I wouldn’t have to take any drugs but here we are.

We’re going out of town this weekend. Joel is running in a marathon! And we get to see his family and spend some time with our niece! We’re very excited and it’s a relief for me to know that I can take this drug when I start to feel sick so I’m not stuck in bed the whole time!


Am I ready for this?! April 17, 2008

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Every once in a while you will get a “freak out” post from me about being pregnant. When I sit down to really think about the position I am in right now, I wonder “Am I ready for this?!?!”

I have some confessions to make:

  1. I have never changed a diaper. That’s right, when my baby is born I will have to ask the nurse to teach me how. I am the youngest in my family so I never had to do that! And I babysat but my one rule was that the child had to be potty trained because I did not do diapers. Man, I was immature…and I really regret that! I could’ve had so much experience under my belt!
  2. I don’t know CPR. And I am terrified that my child will choke on something and I will be completely helpless. I will be taking a CPR class before the baby is born!!
  3. I am a little terrified of the birthing process. Trust me, I will be getting an epidural but there are so many things that I can’t control (I am a huge control freak). We live about 20-25 mins from the hospital I want to deliver at…what happens if we run into traffic? Will I have to give birth in the car? What if I don’t have enough time to get an epidural and I have to do it naturally (I know how irrational that is and that millions of women before me had babies before epidurals were invented…but still!)?
  4. I know nothing about babies. I really don’t. When my friend Carla was pregnant, I went with her to Target to look for some baby clothes and we came across something called “mittens”. Immediately I said, “Mittens?! Why do babies need mittens in south Florida??” After Carla picked herself off the floor laughing at me, she informed me that mittens aren’t used to keep the baby’s hands warm. Nope. Actually they are used to keep the baby from scratching him/herself. Talk about feeling stupid. That is just ONE story of many.

Bottom line is, I know I am not ready for this but I know with God’s help, along with friends and family, I will be fine. I’ve just gotta let go of the things I can’t control. I know it will all work out. God gave us this blessing for a reason and I know He’ll equip us for the hard job!! 🙂


So, I have some news… April 16, 2008

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I know it has been FOREVER since I posted a blog and it’s kind of weird to say “sorry” so I won’t say that. I guess I will just say that I’ve missed it! But I have been a little busy.

You may remember my New Years’ post with my resolutions. Well one of them (among some others) has been met. Look at #3 specifically! Then come back.

OK, yes it’s true! I’M PREGNANT! I wish that my last name was still Rizzo so I could say “Rizzo’s got a bun in the oven” (from Grease) but I had to go and get married and change my incredibly cool last name to something as common as Collins. Anyway, I digress.

I never thought the day would come. Not that I was waiting for the day…it’s just that being pregnant is so surreal to me. I was never the girl growing up that always wanted to be a Mother. Of course I had dolls and would play “house” but I was just never that girl whose goal in life was to have kids & be a Mom. If that is you, please don’t take offense! It’s just not me. I knew I would have kids someday and now it’s here. It’s still crazy to think about. Just a warning: a lot of my posts these days will probably have to do a lot with being pregnant/being a Mom, etc so be prepared! I have a lot to say!

Ok, so details. I am 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow (Thurs). My due date is Nov 20. I am going to find out the sex of the baby. I’ve had 3 ultrasounds, I have 3 pictures and I’ve heard the heartbeat twice! I have been sick for 3 weeks. Not throwing up, just severely nauseous, which is almost worse, I think. I’ve lost 10 pounds which isn’t great but it’s normal and also nice to start off small because I know I will be gaining more!

I’ll post more later, but welcome me back to the blogworld…I have returned!! 🙂