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Am I ready for this?! April 17, 2008

Filed under: Family,Life,pregnancy — jenncollins @ 12:28 pm

Every once in a while you will get a “freak out” post from me about being pregnant. When I sit down to really think about the position I am in right now, I wonder “Am I ready for this?!?!”

I have some confessions to make:

  1. I have never changed a diaper. That’s right, when my baby is born I will have to ask the nurse to teach me how. I am the youngest in my family so I never had to do that! And I babysat but my one rule was that the child had to be potty trained because I did not do diapers. Man, I was immature…and I really regret that! I could’ve had so much experience under my belt!
  2. I don’t know CPR. And I am terrified that my child will choke on something and I will be completely helpless. I will be taking a CPR class before the baby is born!!
  3. I am a little terrified of the birthing process. Trust me, I will be getting an epidural but there are so many things that I can’t control (I am a huge control freak). We live about 20-25 mins from the hospital I want to deliver at…what happens if we run into traffic? Will I have to give birth in the car? What if I don’t have enough time to get an epidural and I have to do it naturally (I know how irrational that is and that millions of women before me had babies before epidurals were invented…but still!)?
  4. I know nothing about babies. I really don’t. When my friend Carla was pregnant, I went with her to Target to look for some baby clothes and we came across something called “mittens”. Immediately I said, “Mittens?! Why do babies need mittens in south Florida??” After Carla picked herself off the floor laughing at me, she informed me that mittens aren’t used to keep the baby’s hands warm. Nope. Actually they are used to keep the baby from scratching him/herself. Talk about feeling stupid. That is just ONE story of many.

Bottom line is, I know I am not ready for this but I know with God’s help, along with friends and family, I will be fine. I’ve just gotta let go of the things I can’t control. I know it will all work out. God gave us this blessing for a reason and I know He’ll equip us for the hard job!! 🙂


9 Responses to “Am I ready for this?!”

  1. Jen Says:

    Girl, you crack me up!

    I would almost bet money that the hospital offers classes for new mothers. And I bet in those classes, they teach all that stuff. It might even be something that you and your husband can take together.

    And the way I figure it is, you know the most important stuff. Love, attention, God. The rest, diapers, bottles, burping, mittens will all come with a little trial and error. But no biggie if you make mistakes. It’s not like the baby will remember.

  2. Matt and I took a class together called “Preparing for Childbirth” at Memorial Hospital (West) since that’s where I wanted to have James. It was pretty good. I also took another one on Breastfeeding that my mom went to with me. They have another one on safety where they teach CPR, too. Where is it you want to deliver? I’m just curious. =o) Don’t worry… you have months to prepare (I’m pretty sure that’s why God gave us 9 months!) and a lot of friends who can help you and a mom who is probably pretty willing to help, too! =o)

  3. Oh, one more thing… when it starts getting closer and you’re really freaking out about going into labor (like I think everybody does) just remind yourself that since the beginning of time women have been giving birth and that you can to… and the best part is that when you’re done, you’ll have a cute, cuddly baby to hold and love and get to know. The pain has a purpose! =o)

  4. Karla (with a "K") Says:

    Jenn and Joel,
    Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you!!! Does this make me and Ron “Summer grandparents”?
    Your mom must be grinning from ear to ear!! How great you have her close by.
    How about posting a sonogram picture for us to see!
    Your friends and sister in laws who have become moms will be a great support system for you. What an adventure is coming for you!

  5. Emily Says:

    Just as a Kindergartener is not ready to graduate high school before completing the necessary classes, you too will learn in the next nine months many MANY things that will prepare you for your little one. Time will pass, and you will mature. You will go from a state of anxiety about being a mom and the responsibility that entails to excitedly awaiting the “Big Day” when you finally get to meet the little miracle that has been growing inside. You will think less about the impending labor and more about what his face will look like or if she will have lots of hair. You will gain confidence once you look into her face and know that you are “Mom” … and you are in charge. You will realize intense love. You will feel from places that were always inside, but undiscovered until the baby’s first gaze. The warmth of his body cuddled in his arms will let you know that you are up to it… no matter the challenge. You will protect, you will love, you will sacrifice until his world is at peace. With a new and amazing strength you will be able to stay awake hours on end until she is satisfied. And you will be in awe over what that love will do, what love can withstand, and the power you feel as “Mommy.” Just one look at your fresh new little love, and you will know “I am ready for this!”

  6. Jeremy Says:

    Ryan poops and pees everyday…plus he wears a diaper!! I can bring him over for the weekend and you and Joel can knock yourselves out!!
    I am so excited for you guys!! Here is a tip…none of us know what we are doing! You guys will do great loving the baby and each other…and taking it one at a time…

    Ok, enough talk…when do you want me to bring the boys over?? 🙂

  7. Jeremy Says:

    Oops… I meant taking it one day at a time… although taking it one baby at a time is good too!!

  8. bejewell Says:

    I was a lifelong member of the “I like kids on a case-by-case basis” club and never thought I would have one myself. But finally at 34 we decided to give it a shot, and trust me – we were even MORE clueless than you feel! We’re still clueless most of the time, but with friends who’ve walked down this path before, we’ve got tons of guidance and advice. You will, too!

    Our son Sam will turn a year old this Saturday – we’re having a party to celebrate the fact that we’ve made it this far without doing any lasting damage (that we know of yet, at least.)

    It’s been the best time of our lives! And it will be for you, too!

    Good luck!

  9. Suzie M. Says:

    You’ll be fine! You have good instincts. BTW – we’re training our volunteers in adult & child CPR here at the church, the first Sat. in August from 6-7 pm. You and Joel can feel free to join in. It’s free and only lasts 1 hr.

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