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Where should we go? May 5, 2008

Filed under: Fun stuff,Travel — jenncollins @ 8:47 pm

Joel and I will celebrate our 3rd anniversary next month. The procrastinators that we are, we have no plans as of late. Of course we’ve been talking about what we should do for months now, but that hasn’t gotten us anywhere.

Here are the options we’ve discussed:

  • Sanibel/Captiva (downside: we go there with my family every memorial day weekend. upside: i know every inch of that place which makes planning very easy).
  • Key West (downside: not a lot to do and it takes FOREVER to get there. upside: we went last year for a work-related trip and had a blast but were only there 2 days and would love to see more).
  • Disney (downside: well, i’m pregnant which means i can’t ride a lot of the fun rides. upside: disney is so diverse that we can find other things to do and joel has only been once.)
  • 4 or 5-day cruise (downside: i’m not really feeling any of the destinations and we took a cruise for our honeymoon. upside: it really gets us far away from reality.
  • NYC (downside: SUPER expensive. upside: joel’s never been but i have and there’s so much he needs to see!)

Those have been the main options. So…help. Where should we go? What should we do? Any new recommendations?


4 Responses to “Where should we go?”

  1. Jen Says:

    What about Savannah? It’s only a 7 hour drive. It’s beautiful and romantic and historical. Great food, great sight-seeing, great fun.

  2. Vanessa Cook Says:

    St Augustine is another really great option. There is a ton to see historically. I love Key West, I love Marco Island, Someone suggested Savannah…I really love this place…will be there in July! NY I loved too…Cruising is AWESOME…my personal favorite way to travel!! I love to travel!!! I think that no matter where you choose it will be great and that you go away really is what is important, because the days of being alone for a long period of time are closing in and all alone time is precious time together! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


  3. Erin Says:

    I second Vanessa. Seriously Jenn, you and Joel would LOVE St. Augustine. I went there with Jimmy after Christmas and that whole town is MAGICAL. There’s St. George Street where there are little mom and pop shops, the restaurants are awesome, the beach is absolutely beautiful… what more could you want?!

    In the historic district (where Jimmy’s grandparents live) there are NUMEROUS bed and breakfast’s if that’s your thing. They’re all beautiful and just a minute’s walk from downtown.

    Alright I’m done. But St. Augustine gets my vote! 🙂

  4. guy Says:

    All the ideas I agree with. Van is a little world traveler. Girl you need to stay home !!! Now as to a cheap place, I have an Apt. in NoMi we will give you a great price for. Its a little noisy on sunday morning at 11: a.m. but what a great place. Romantic, wood floors, close to the beach, capt. jims, family bookstore, jimmys diner and starbucks. Man!!!!! Are you feeling it.
    I also echo Vanessa, you will probably never be alone again for maybe 25 years or so. Make it big!!! Last time ever , until your old!!!!! My gift is encouragement.!!!!

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