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Where should we go? UPDATE May 13, 2008

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Thank you all so much for your suggestions on where we should spend our 3rd anniversary!  Especially to my loving and encouraging Pastor & boss who made me extremely depressed that this is my last vacation for 25 years…thanks! 🙂

Well it was a hard decision but we’ve decided to go to Key West. We wanted to stay semi-local but at a place that we don’t know a lot about. We’ve only been to KW once and it was an amazing trip but very short. This time we are staying 4 nights & 5 days at a B&B right by Duval Street. We are really excited!

It was funny when we were trying to book a place to stay because we called at least 20 different places and out of those, about 3-5 were clothing optional places. That would be interesting and would definitely be a good story!

Thanks again for your help. We are thinking of taking a weekend off in the Fall and going to either Savannah or St. Augustine with our best friends. We’ve gotta do our traveling now while we can!


6 Responses to “Where should we go? UPDATE”

  1. guy Says:

    Your Welcome!!!!! Probably not a good thing to go the Clothing optional route!!! My blog staff will be in Key West !!!
    Enjoy the last vacation, youll ever take until your old like Ta-Ta and I. We love you!!! Have a great one.
    Your loving pastor and boss, Guy

  2. jenncollins Says:

    haha thanks guy!

  3. Vanessa Cook Says:

    You will love Key West…remember that clothing is optional in many places of Key West. But, enjoy all that is offered there…Like the people, way of life and the outstanding sunsets…They are provided by God!

    Do not despair…you will need to get away even after kids…you will just find that it is not as often as you want or for as long as you wish. But a good set of parents know that the marriage deserves some time away. You will have a great support system I am sure…and will be encouraged I pray to have some alone time even after baby!

    Have a wonderful time…I will pray you will feel your best the whole time!


  4. guy Says:

    Shes lying dont believe Vanessa!!!!!!!!!!! Life is over!!!!!

  5. Jen Says:

    Guy is out of control!

    Have fun in the Keys. I’m going in a couple of weeks myself. I love it down there.

    Yes, I’m singing this weekend. You?

  6. jenncollins Says:

    yeah he is!

    i’m gonna try to be there this weekend…we shall see. 🙂

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