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I’m in the ‘Real World’ now May 15, 2008

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Well friends, this is it. I’m in the ‘real world’. I thought I was before but now I really am…but I guess I’m more on the brink than in the miry muck. How’s that for being negative?!…lol.

I recently had a battle between my doctor, insurance company and pharmacy with drugs I’ve been taking to help the nausea subside. It was such a mess and so ridiculous. All I will say about it is don’t get between a nauseous pregnant women and the pills that make her feel better!!!!! Needless to say I have my pills and now I am a happier person!

We’re having a huge garage sale on Saturday because…you guessed it…we need to make room for the baby and we need to make some $$$! We’re getting rid of A LOT of stuff…I didn’t realize how much junk we were holding onto; it’s ridiculous! We’re selling everything from furniture to Christmas decorations to clothes to office supplies. You name it, we’re probably selling it or something like it. Pray for us that we will make a decent amount of money!

We’ve also been having a bit of car trouble. Last weekend our Jeep was towed away from our own parking lot because the registration was expired by a week. $180 and a sketchy neighborhood later, we got it back. Our other (newer) car is giving us a really dangerous problem. When you press on the gas, it sticks! Yes, you read that right. And guess what? Even though we bought an extended warranty from CarMax, it doesn’t cover this specific problem. Figures, right? We’re still unsure as to what we need to do. Right now I’m driving my old car from college that my parents own, which I affectionately call ‘Cappy’ (it’s an ’88 Caprice Classic…here’s a link to a pic of a similar car). It’s hilarious…I love the looks I get while I’m driving it.

Anyway sorry for the negativity but I just needed a place to vent! These are the ups and downs of life!


3 Responses to “I’m in the ‘Real World’ now”

  1. Kim Glass Says:

    Hey! Do you still live near your parent’s and our house? We have an old kitchen table and chairs- white and oak that we want to get rid of. If you want to sell it at your garage sale , you’re welcome to it- it might give you a little cash! Just thought I would offer! Just let me know!
    Glad you have your medicine! I need to call your mother! I miss her!

  2. Jen Says:

    When it rains, it pours, huh? Hey, maybe you could sell stuff on Ebay like Chris did. He said they made some good money that way.

    Oh, gosh. I hope you can sing this weekend. I’ve missed ya!

  3. Katie Says:

    Hey Jenn! I am so sorry you have all that stress in your life! I hope that garage sale went well and you made lots and lots of money! 🙂

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