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Could it be narcolepsy? May 21, 2008

Filed under: pregnancy,Random — jenncollins @ 11:59 am

This is just a random thought/question. Recently I get tired after I eat a meal…and I don’t mean the afternoon low that everyone gets after lunch. I mean I am dead dog tired after I eat…like I could fall asleep at any minute. It’s annoying!

Last night Joel and I had a date night. We went to Chilis (my fave place to have chips & salsa…except the salsa was like water so we sent it back and got skillet queso…). Anyway, after dinner we went to TCBY and sat outside for a while to let our food digest before getting a little ice cream. As we were sitting there talking, suddenly a wave of exhaustion came over me! It may have been because we got into a really deep subject (arminianism vs. calvinsim…weird, I know…we never talk about that stuff and neither of us know much about it). All that to say, we got some ice cream, went home, watched AI and then I couldn’t fall asleep fast enough (9:00!!!!).

I’m at work now and just had Chick-fil-A for lunch and now I’m about to fall over. I guess this is just the beginning of weird things during my pregnancy!


3 Responses to “Could it be narcolepsy?”

  1. Emily Says:

    You are building a baby… its a level of exhaustion that is like no other. It takes a lot of work to make eyes, fingerrnails, nerves, and brains! The exhaustion will subside when you have baby Collins. You will still be tired, but in an entirely different sort of way. WInk wink.

  2. guy Says:

    Thats funny, I got the same feeling the other day!!!!! Thats scary!!!!!!

  3. what feeling guy….? feeling like your pregnant? haha

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