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Embarassing moments – I’ll share mine if you share yours! May 22, 2008

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Why would I share my most embarassing moment with all 5 of you who read this? Ask her. She did it on her blog and I’m shamelessly copying her. But, to be exact, she copied it from them. If you need a pick-me-up, read my story, then go to those pages and read theirs…you will laugh for at least 10 minutes, I promise. Especially at Jen’s…it’s pretty bad! 😉

Ok here goes.

Last year I was getting groceries at Publix. I was really feeling good about myself that day; I had dressed up for work (it’s a laid back office so I usually wear jeans, sandals and some kind of top). I was wearing this really cute dress over my nicest pair of jeans and heels. This dress ties in the back and is a little poofy.

While checking out, the cashier (who was probably 75 years old) asked me if I’ve joined the “baby club” (which is a club you can sign up for at publix to get coupons & stuff). I, of course was shocked but I didn’t know what the baby club was…I thought she was basically asking if I was pregnant, so I smiled (but really dying inside) and said “no”. She then proceeded to tell me that I can sign up for the baby club for free coupons, etc. I didn’t want to be rude so I just said “ok thanks”, thinking “oh crap there’s a real baby club?? she thinks I’m pregnant!” The lady who was bagging my groceries (who was also about 75 years old) said “how do you know she’s pregnant? she doesn’t look pregnant to me!” By this point, I’m looking at the exit..ready to run outta there. The cashier replied, “well, just look at her!”  I looked down too, wondering what in the world she saw. Then I saw my dress was poofing out at the very obvious spot!

It got even worse. They asked me when the baby was due (I made up a date) and if I knew what it was (a girl) (side note: jen, i remembered this very funny fact later). And then I said thanks, took my receipt and cried all the way to my car!!!! Needless to say it was a real downer since I had felt so confident about myself earlier. I couldn’t believe someone could think I was pregnant?!  I still can’t believe I made up a due date and the sex of my unborn child, but I didn’t know what else to do!!!! It was too late at that point to go back!!!

It’s ironic now because I actually signed up for the “baby club” yesterday when I went to Publix. 🙂

Ok now, to be fair, you have to share yours. And no one can say “I don’t have one” because you know you do…just think about it for a whie. I had forgotten about this one until yesterday when I went to Publix for an errand. SHARE AWAY!!!!!!


9 Responses to “Embarassing moments – I’ll share mine if you share yours!”

  1. guy Says:

    Mine is every Tuesday at noon, when the entire staff makes fun of me.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Sure Guy, but do you know how hard it is on all of us to come up with ever more inventive ways to make sure EACH tuesday is your MOST embarassing moment ever? Give us some credit. What do you think the creative team is doing for an hour each week after that meeting? They’re working on the strategy for the next week.

  3. jenncollins Says:


    kevin, you didn’t share an embarassing moment. and guy, that’s not a real embarassing moment. come on, you’ve got a good one and you know it!

  4. Jen Says:

    Chickens! Brack, brack, brack.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Ok, here goes…

    I about 18. I had just spent a sizeable chunk of my money sky diving with my friend Brian. He was set to get married two days later.

    We waited WAY too long for a ride that was WAY too short. However, it was exhillirating. It was worth the wait and the money.

    We jumped from 10,000 feet and landed on a tarp no larger than your bedroom.

    …Find out how I embarassed myself on my blog later this week.

  6. Warren Corbin Says:

    A few years ago while playing kickball…yes KICKBALL (for adults)…we were in the playoffs. I was supposedly the “Barry Bonds” of our team, and I had let that go to my head. So for our 1st playoff game that year (our team colors were green) I showed up in green spandex, green shorts over them, my green shirt and green sox. I was a HOT mess. Hey, when your talented though u think your amazing.
    So I get up to kick for the 1st time in the game…yea you know where this is going. It had rained a little before the game so the grass is a bit wet and I’m not wearing soccer cleats, just a pair of green shoes I had found somewhere. So, me and my egotistical self that has been bragging all pre-game about how great I am and what not, and how we’re going to destroy all comers etc…yea I step to the plate. I take the biggest most powerful kick I can muster, COMPLETELY miss the ball and end up about 3-4 feet off the ground completely parallel to it. It was like a moment frozen in time, and in my head I’m thinking, “oh this is NOT good!” Next thing I know I’m flat on my back, laying on home plate looking up at the clouds, with everyone from BOTH teams just dying of laughter at me.
    At this point, there’s no saving grace, no ‘smooth line’ to say…I’m just competely humiliated. It was classic. So as best I could I picked up the broken pieces of my ego and maybe 5 minutes later when everyone could stop laughing and pointing and mocking me long enough to continue the game, we went on. I don’t remember much else from that game except that we lost, I didn’t hit a homerun, and my friends STILL tell that story occassionaly to make sure I never forget that day!
    Sad thing is that was over 3 years ago…and I’m STILL laughing at myself reliving it right now. Like the bible says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” 🙂

  7. jenncollins Says:

    haha warren that is great. your ego needs to be busted every once in a while 🙂

  8. kazzles Says:

    I had to laugh about your story. This year I have been asked so many times when my baby is due that it’s not funny.

    One of my clients even emailed to ask if I had given birth yet last week. I have put on a bit of weight, but it’s getting ridiculous. I’m wondering if it’s just the current fashion or whether I really do need to get serious about the diet!

    Don’t worry you are not the only one!

  9. Colleen Says:

    This is really funny:
    one time I was in P.E. and I had gotten changed in my gym clothes, the class started heading to the gym because it was raining out. I happened to look down and see that my shorts were inside out! Everyone kept saying “your shorts are inside out ya know!”

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