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Do you ‘ChaCha’? June 29, 2008

Filed under: Fun stuff,Random — jenncollins @ 12:01 pm

I’m not talking about the dance! There is a free service out there called ChaCha. You can call them or text any question you want. Someone will text you back in a few minutes and tell you the answer! It’s best to do it when you’re not around a computer…obviously. Here are some questions I’ve asked and the answers I’ve gotten:

Q: Does a baby’s heart rate indicate their gender?
A: That is an old wives’ tale, so it’s not a proven fact, but: Over 140=girl, Under 140=boy

Q: How is baptistery spelled? With or without the ‘e’?
A: Both spellings are listed in the dictionary with the same definition. Pick the one you like!

Q: What is the soft drink exclusive to Kentucky?
A: Ale8. Apparenty it’s only available in Kentucky, althougj you can order it from their website.

It’s cool! Go try it! Text “ChaCha” (242-242) and ask away! Check out their website. You can even get paid to become a “guide” (the person who answers the question)! I’m thinking about doing it! Who doesn’t need a couple extra bucks??


One Response to “Do you ‘ChaCha’?”

  1. everybodysagenius Says:

    Cool Post, I recently wrote about ChaCha too. Do you use it a lot? What do you think of it?

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