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What’s up with me July 21, 2008

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It’s been a while since I posted so I though I’d do a list of stuff that’s happening with me to catch you all up!

  • I’m 22 weeks preggo now (5 1/2 months!!) and Sadie is kicking much harder and more frequently now. Anyone can feel her kick now!!
  • We painted our nursery (pics to come…don’t have a camera right now) mint green and light pink. It’s super cute!
  • I’m showing a little more (again, pics to come).
  • My brother and his wife are moving in 2 weeks to GA where my bro will get his doctorate at UGA. I’m gonna miss them…like, A LOT.
  • My Mom’s turning 50 this week!
  • Joel surprised me on Friday with new maternity jeans and a pink maternity tank top that says “Kicking 24/7”. It was so sweet of him…my pants are beginning to feel tight around my waistline now!
  • I’ve been finding 2 for $5 Coldstone coupons in the paper recently. We’ve been twice already and it’s a great little date! The baby LOVES ice cream…especially Coldstone…she told me.
  • I forget everything now…EVERYTHING. It seems to be accurate that pregnant woman are more clumsy and forgetful than their former non-preggo selves.
  • I ordered this book on last night. I want to buy this, this and this, but I’ve gotta wait for the $$$.
  • We are getting FREE furniture for Sadie’s room from our dear friends…words can’t even express our gratitude!! Along with their generoisty, many other family and friends have given us clothes, bottles, socks! and much more. My cup runneth over (I’ve never said that in my life but that’s how I feel!).

Later in the week I’m going to post my family’s secret spaghetti sauce recipe with Chicken Parmigiana. Consider yourselves lucky…very lucky.


4 Responses to “What’s up with me”

  1. Jen Says:

    Finally. I’ve been waiting to hear from you for so long! It’s not like you have anything else to do besides blog. Well, except for your family…and being pregnant….and working full time. Anyways…

    Yes, my three weeks are up. I sing next week. It’ll be good to be back! Please tell me you’re going to be there.

  2. Kim Glass Says:

    Hey! A jogging stroller(a friend gave it to me) and a cute pink princess walker are here if you want them. Just stop by anytime and they are yours! Happy b-day to your mom and hope Scott has fun in the great state of GA. Sounds like you are feeling good now and enjoying it all! That is so good! Babywise is great too!

  3. Jenn, the Babywise book is AWESOME! I didn’t read it till James was about 2 months old. This time around, though, I’m sure we’ll start earlier with the schedule so I can regain my sanity (i.e. sleep) sooner. It’s crazy how we act on little to no sleep!

    And, as far as the clumsiness and forgetfulness goes, it’s completely normal. Not everyone believes it (i.e. the men in our lives), but it’s completely normal. =o)

    I’m looking forward to that spaghetti sauce recipe with the Chicken Parmigiana!

  4. Brandy Says:

    (here via Tammy)

    I love love love that you’re naming your daughter Sadie. I fought and fought for Sadie if we were having a girl, but didn’t win. Doesn’t help our last name is Hawkins. 😆

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